The Shady Bear Sessions

by The Hurt Project

supported by thumbnail A fantastic slice of modern electric blues as served up by dedicated students of the craft. Lead singer Jasmin Lloyd's vocals are beautifully clear and powerful against the bands smoky backdrops. Just good music, plain and simple. Favorite track: Hello Misery.
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The original songs on "The Shady Bear Sessions" showcase The Hurt Project's dedication to honoring classic blues by writing new blues in the band's own voice.

"...the combination of traditional blues with a contemporary sound that makes THP unique" --Blues and Roots

"This is just good music, from start to finish" --Mighty Burners

"Old school...heartfelt" --Bluesbunny

"The Hurt Project executes the blues effortlessly" --The Music in My Mind


released August 20, 2014

"Up in Smoke" and "Little Heartbeat" written by Marlon Hurt
"Hello Misery" written by John Evans and Kathryn McCreary

Performances by:
Marlon Hurt (Guitar)
Jasmin Lloyd (Vocals)
John Evans (Keyboards)
Michael "The Bull" LoBue (Harmonica)
Donald Facompre (Bass)
Paul Wohlmaker (Drums)

Cover art: Marlon Hurt
Recorded 2014 at Shady Bear Recording Studio with Anthony Robustelli
© Copyright 2014



all rights reserved


The Hurt Project New York, New York

The Hurt Project writes original blues while staying true to the traditions that make the blues great. THP has released a collection of original blues singles, "The Shady Bear Sessions," an EP of originals, "After the Storms," and a full album of acoustic blues, "Bare Bones." The band has opened for Jane Lee Hooker in NYC, and been called "a great band" by Beth Hart. THP gigs regularly around NYC. ... more

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Track Name: Hello Misery
I'm a mess, I'm a fool, I'm a goddamn fool for you baby
I'm a wreck, I'm arrested, I'm wrong in the head
I drown in my dreams, you spread like a weed searching for water
And when you shine like the sun I know that I'm done, you're pulling me under

Give up, gone, goodbye girl, time to say hello to misery
You know just where she'll lead you, y'all ain't no strangers
Give up, gone, goodbye girl, it’s time to say hello to misery, hello misery,

It’s a shame and a sin what you do, what you do to me darlin'
You're a rogue and a wretch how you pull and stretch me thin
I'm a frog in a pot, you're turning it up, the flames getting higher
Your tempting and teasing and begging have sent me from flame to the fire


Forced to pull out all the stops to forget you
Friends and neighbors shake their heads. And I'll bet you
Twenty silver dollars that I pulled out of a wishing well
That you're the same old path to the same old place I know so well

Track Name: Up in Smoke
Well now I, I’m gonna put you down,
‘cause down is where I’ve been.
Like smoke rising, I looked up to you,
but you were gone with the wind.
Now clear skies are all around,
but I can’t lift my gaze up from the ground.

You had me going north by northwest
so I couldn’t tell low from high.
But the wind is blowing south now, baby,
and I can see a hawk in that sky.

So now I, I’m gonna put you down,
‘cause down is where I’ve been.


Well now, mama told me when I was young:
Love’s like looking into the rising sun.
Dad was dark as a winter night
but you were bright as sight.
That light’s what I made my life about
but then that fire went out.

All you left me with was scorched earth
so nothing new grew in my heart.
And that’s the way it’s gonna stay, baby,
till my hopes for you depart.

So now I, I’m gonna put you down,
‘cause down is where I’ve been.
Track Name: Little Heartbeat
Set your little heartbeat next to mine,
and our two hearts will pitter-patter-pitter-patter right in time.
Your little heartbeat’s the sweetest sound I know.

When I first heard your little heartbeat, it struck me dumb,
‘cause in the sound of its thimp-a-thump-a-thimp-a-thump-a is the drum of drums.
Your little heartbeat’s music to my soul.

If home’s where the heart is then I’m content
to live beside you in a hall the size of Taj Mahal or the smallest tent.
Your little heartbeat sets my hearth aglow.

You poured love into my heart from the first
in a flood of tears that effloresce with happiness, so my own swells to burst.
Your little heartbeat makes mine overflow.

What your little heartbeat says to mine
when we two have a heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart is that life is fine.
You’re after my heart and I love you so.